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Crysis 3 hacks

Crysis is a PC game, at least his soul is. Maybe the saga has gone multiplatform because I had no choice but to do it commercially, but the essence of the trilogy and the studio that created it is on the PC and the values ​​pursued by the most dedicated players to support. The game as a hobby hobby is very broad and there are many “tribes” within it, with interests in certain and specific aspects that have to match with other fans. One of these tribes has the highest aspiration of achieving a dream hardware or failing to get every last drop of capacity to available hardware, forcing the speed and voltage of the different components of their equipment to the limit of its capacity cooling allows, always looking to scratch these frames and force resolutions increasing. But all that effort to evaluate games are needed to justify them, born with spirit titles benchmark from the beginning, projects that justify the change of a component in your PC or even a new computer. Crysis born gifted for that mission, so much so that for some time it became a goal between that kind of community can my computer with Crysis on Ultra? was the big question for some time. Also was the ideal game to take a ride in arguments “Console Vs PC”. Nothing came close in plot to Crysis when it came out in 2007.

With Crysis 2 faded somewhat this goal, Crytek had a limited time and the lowest common denominator was significantly lower this time by having to create a game plan for consoles-also recovered somewhat after the pulse with a special patch for DirectX 11 PC, but that’s a posteriori. The island and the complete freedom to come and go were replaced by a green and nothing more topical in New York full Ceph invasion. It was a remarkable game graphically, but it was not the Crysis we knew, was no longer a target final graph. With Crysis 3, one of the objectives of Crytek was partially recover the essence of the original, and as part of these essences was putting a new aspirational goal for that class of players who like to see how your PC runs at full power . And, although not completely, is something they have largely succeeded. It remains a clear multiplatform game, but this time it has been stepping Crytek thoroughly in the PC version, using DirectX 11 and create a game that in its more advanced settings is well above what they can offer consoles, if you have the right computer.

First, a look at the technical requirements, which in the case of Crysis 3 comes in three layers. The first is minimal, which calls for a Dual Core CPU, 2 GB of RAM or 3 depending on whether or not you are using Vista and a graphics card compatible with DirectX 11 and 1GB of RAM. High to be “minimal” but nothing unattainable. Requirements “recommended” ask the same type of card but demand a Quad Core CPU and 4 GB of RAM by default. Finally, it would be “High Performance”, but the truth is that it is very specific: “the latest graphics card with DirectX 11, the latest quad core CPU and 8 GB RAM”, a way of saying that Crysis 3 Copara any equipment has in the market. This is true, although with some variation depending on the configuration of course, and also a bit of whim and did not seem to play more esoteric configurations explode.

There are two types of in-game graphics settings: normal and advanced. The normal is pretty short on options: resolution, resolution textures, V-Sync, specifications generals and antialiasing. AA is pretty well stocked with different options for SMAA, MSAA and FXAA is also included for wanting to avoid sawteeth with minimal performance impact, and a small loss of picture clarity. Not much to scratch. To achieve an optimized version should go to advanced options and you start to manipulate the various options for getting a custom configuration, but this is where we begin to notice things we missed. In particular, the options “advanced” does not really offer a lot of control over graphic settings.

The categories are advanced graphics effects, objects, particles, Post Processing, Shading, Shadows, Water, anisotropic filtering, motion blur and lens flare. Things like remote viewing and other options gradual absent, and no power can not be altered or the FOV from the setup menu, which for a game that the player should pamper traditional PC is not recommended-it Yes, the default value of 60 is adequate, but a detail had been included in the setup menu, you have to hand-edit the configuration file to change. As for the options, the changes between the different categories are very unclear and do not bother to explain. For example, water in Middle or High is virtually indistinguishable, Very High is only active when an effect that gives a more spectacular and realistic. Nor is explained for example that the Motion Blur consumes a lot of resources and it is better to leave it on to get a stable framerate unless machine is quite left-and if it is debatable whether the effect is worth.

The curious thing is that even Crysis 3 left everything in the “medium” is spectacular in terms of scenery and scenarios. Clearly, the game has been designed so that any player can appreciate the wild beauty of this New York turned into jungle. The changes can be really moving and in combat, that is when you really show many of the options that can be configured. Things like effects or particles have a large impact on performance in the higher levels, so it is necessary to adjust. But if we want to really have control over how the game is no choice but to mess with the configuration file (autoexec.cfg) or use game console commands to keep trying. Here you can do from touching aspects that will release resources-for example, the defendant before viewing distance control and vegetation-a spectacular aspects enabled but “kill” most of the equipment on the market today, such as global illumination, one of the most advanced CryEngine3.

Crysis 3 looks great, and actually looks much better than the original Crysis their more modest settings, it shows the optimization work to adapt Crytek game-consoles, but like the first, has much more power to shine in the future, as there are parameters that have been disabled by default and that’s not counting when players start playing to fund improvements or custom configurations. With such a basis, there is no doubt that soon we will see real wonders. The only downside that seems to exist between the community is that there are certain inconsistencies in specific equipment, there are players in high-end computers reporting massive framerate drops depending on the moment and the situation, while there are aspects like SLI not seem properly optimized-is a game sponsored by AMD, so the support for Nvidia certainly not be perfect until some time in the PC world we are used to these war stories among producers of GPUs. Given its current state and growth potential, there is no doubt that Crysis 3 desentonará no games when they get the new machines.

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